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Get expert tax and accounting services for your small business. We provide tax planning, tax audit, and other accounting consultancy services.

Our Services

Tax Planning

We helped a small business save thousands of pesos in taxes by providing strategic tax planning services. Our team analyzed their financial statements and tax history to identify opportunities for tax savings.

Tax Audit

We helped a client in a tax audit with the BIR and successfully resolved the issue with minimal tax assessments, penalties and interest. Our team worked closely with the client to gather all necessary documents and prepare a strong defense to protest and argue bloated tax assessments.

Tax Online Consulting

We performed an online tax consulting online to give sound and competent tax advice to the clients. Our team used available online meeting platform to meet our clients face to face.

Tax Compliance

We provided ongoing tax compliance consultation services for a small business and helped them maintain accurate compliance with tax law enforced by the BIR. Our team used current tax laws, rules and regulations, court decisions to support our tax advices to clients.

Tax Group Consulting

We provided group consultation for a small business and helped them ensure tax compliance with all BIR regulations. Our team handled aspects of tax compliance, from business registration totax audit.

About Mark Lord

I am a professional certified public accountant with almost 10 years of experience in tax planning and accounting consultancy. My focus is on small businesses, where I can make a difference in helping them grow and succeed.

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